Let There Be Lights!

On December 9, 2009, members of the IBSF visited the Light Nursery and Primary School at Ishahayi. The main purpose of the visit was to deliver gift bags for the teachers and a small donation for the school’s Christmas party. These donations are generously provided by the American Women’s Club of Lagos every year. As always, the donations were gratefully received by the teachers and children of the school.

The trip also allowed IBSF to inspect the new work that had been recently completed at the school. Probably the most significant improvements were the new lights and fans installed in each of the classrooms. What a difference the fans make on a hot day at the beach school! Many thanks to the Oilfields Golf Tournament for providing the fans and lights. Also many thanks to the EEPNL – Exploration Group for providing the generator that powers these fans and lights. Other improvements included building a secure space for the generator and new installing locks with keys for all the classroom. These improvements were also underwritten by the Oilfields Golf Tournament.

Also many thanks to Aniko Varnai for her donation of two footballs, always a favorite among the students!

As far as Lady Salami was concerned, the most exciting development of the day was a private donation made to the school by Tony and Angela Barletta. When Tony left Lagos ‘finally’ in November 2009, he asked his work colleagues to donate money intended for his farewell gift to the school at Ishahayi. This very generous act will allow the school to purchase a new boat. Some children attending the school can only do so by taking the ‘school boat’, which is currently starting to show its age and leak! This donation will make a significant difference for these children and help them safely attend school. Lady Salami has simply not stopped smiling since. Many thanks to the Barlettas!


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