No Bus, but a School Boat

On February 16, 2010, members of the IBSF made another trip to visit the Light Nursery and Primary School at Ishahayi. One of the main objectives of this trip was to distribute life vests for the children. Up to fifty children cross the waters around Ishahayi to attend school each day. IBSF board members Marilyn LeBlanc and Rob Kerscher took the opportunity to demonstrate how the life vests should be worn. There was also the opportunity to see the new boat that Lady Salami had purchased with funds kindly donated by Tony and Angela Barletta.

Many thanks to the Oilfields Golf Tournament and our other donors who made the purchase of these life vests possible. Special thanks to Steve LeBlanc for providing his time and expertise in selecting and purchasing the life vests, thus ensuring a sound investment for the school. The school is of course very grateful to the Barlettas for their new boat. These donations will go a long way to making the children’s journey to school as safe as possible.

At lunchtime, the children were provided with new red plastic bowls and spoons. These were donated by the cadets of the “Girl Scouts of the Northwest Great Lakes – Scout Troop #4531”. These ladies raised the funds to purchase the bowls and spoons along with a variety of other school supplies. Many thanks go to them and their leaders Joni Witalison and Suzi Hass. Their hard work is greatly appreciated by the school and makes a great difference to the children.
Also during lunchtime, some of the children took time to produce a number of very colorful postcards. Once again Lagosian artist Eugene Chimeage gave freely of his time and came out to the school to assist. Eugene provided the children with an example of what was being looked for, before the young artists were left to let their imagination run free. The IBSF will release prints of these colorful hand drawn postcards for purchase in the very near future. All funds will go back to promoting education in Nigeria.

The trip also provided IBSF board members with the opportunity to inspect work that had been done at the school over the Christmas break. The generator housing and the toilet block had been freshly painted. A new computer table had also been built with enough room for a second computer.  Many thanks to Katrina and Roger Head for donating the computer which the IBSF has since rebuilt for the school.  Thanks also to the many people who made donations and bought copies of Nigerian Gems over the Christmas period, thus making all this work possible.


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