New Textbook Purchase and Delivery

In early 2010, Nancy Laidlaw and Meredith Salinas sat down and talked with Lady Salami about the needs within the Light Nursery and Primary School. She immediately said the school needed new textbooks. The books they were using were old and worn and there were not enough for all the children in each class.  In some cases, four children were sharing one book.

In March 2010, three members of the board (Meredith Salinas, Nancy Laidlaw, and Jane Wood) met with a publishing company, Literamed, located in Lagos. We discussed the logistics of purchasing pre-primary through Grade 6 textbooks for the school.

Literamed was able to supply the school with the books that Lady Salami had requested. The Foundation delivered the books on our September 2010 visit. Every class received new math and English books and primary 1 through 6 received new science books as well as various class sets of reading books.  Lady Salami, the teachers and the students were so thrilled to have brand new books to use in the classrooms. The pride on the teachers’ faces that they have adequate books with which to teach their children and the children smiling because they have enough books for everyone in the class is priceless.

Our thanks to the funding received from both AWC and proceeds from the sale of the book, Ah! This Nigeria! which funded this textbook project.


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