February 2011 School Visit

Student in Life Jacket

Board Member Rob Kerscher helps fit a life jacket to a young student.

The February beach trip to the Light Nursery and Primary School was an effective one! Small projects were completed to maintain prior improvements to the school, new donations were delivered and the Sister School Project was continued.

In February 2010, IBSF provided life jackets for the students at Ishahayi beach. On this months’ trip, board member Rob Kerscher donated and delivered large mesh bags so the life jackets can be stored properly between each use. Board member Patty Melberg donated and delivered a cot that is to be used for children who fall ill during school hours. In addition, we delivered two bookcases that mark the beginning of our library project.

While we were at the school, other board members delivered letters from the Sister School Project and encouraged the class to write responses that will be sent to the US in March 2011.


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