2010-2011 School Year in Review

We were most fortunate to receive funding this year from the American Women’s Club, the AOCC Golf Tournament, and numerous individual donations.  With these funds, and a very successful year of product sales, we continued to support the Light Nursery and Primary School in Ishahayi. Here are just some of our accomplishments during the past school year!

  • Purchased and delivered new textbooks for all class levels in all subject areas
  • Purchased and donated workbooks, student supplies and classroom wall charts
  • Created, printed and packaged 750 “Small Chop” cookbooks
  • Hosted major social event launching new fundraising products
  • Installed new locks on all classroom storage units
  • Installed donated printer and donated educational CDs
  • Donated and delivered five bookcases to establish a new reading room and library
  • In conjunction with AISL students, we delivered over 350 reading books for library
  • Instructed teachers and students about the use of a library
  • Continued health education by donating “sick child” resources
  • Launched a “Sister School Pen-pal” program with US school resulting in four letter exchanges
  • Purchased and donated large storage bags to hold student life-vests
  • Funded repairs to generator
  • Provided bleach for borehole and bathrooms

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