2011-2012 School Year in Review

With the help of some amazing volunteers, the Ishahayi Beach School Foundation board held three successful fundraisers this year: two bazaars with jumble sales and a silent auction. The Lagos Wine Club generously hosted our inaugural silent auction and the event was very well attended. It was a great way to spread the word about IBSF’s work! With these funds, as well as private donations, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Installed new locks on all classroom doors
  • Donated two sewing machines (as well as sewing supplies) for vocational training
  • Helped fund new roof for teacher housing at the Light Nursery and Primary School in Ishahayi
  • Donated material and notions for new uniforms for all students
  • Donated book bags and school supplies
  • Visited the schools at Ikaare and began a library project collecting children’s books
  • Met the Headmistress and teachers at the Ife Oluwa School in Lekki to discuss immediate needs
  • Facilitated a discussion with Lady Salami about future goals and financial planning
  • Took a clown out to the Light Nursery and Primary School as part of their annual Christmas party
  • Donated soccer balls for the school’s first sports day
  • Repaired computers and refurbished computer lab at the Light Nursery and Primary School
  • Provided bleach for borehole and bathrooms

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