A Favorite Visitor

Smiling Children Greet Visitors

Smiling faces greet visitors to the Light Nursery and Primary School.

These smiling faces greet all visitors to the Light Nursery and Primary School, but on our last school visit the smiles were for Bunnie Harrison.

On Thursdays and Fridays, the children wear their sports uniforms to school, so we were able to see them in their brightly colored apparel. The school has four houses that compete in sports events: Steve House, Nancy House, Barton House and Bunnie House. The houses are named after donors and volunteers–and on this day Bunnie was able to see students sport her namesake shirts!

Bunnie is a frequent visitor to Lagos. When she is back at home in the US, she champions IBSF’s cause: promoting the education of Nigerian children. She has solicited in-kind donations and personally carried school supplies and book bags to the students of the Light Nursery and Primary School. Thanks, Bunnie, for all your hard work. We hope these children’s smiles are a suitable reward!


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