30 Horses!

Our support of Nigerian children’s education can take many forms, one of which is maintenance! The concrete block school building at Ishahayi has held up well, but metal fixtures such as hinges and locks rust quickly in the sea breeze and need to be replaced.

The Light Nursery and Primary School relies on a boat to ferry more than 50 children across the creek to attend school each day. After two years of use, the school boat’s motor was starting to fail. We decided that a refurbished motor, better sized for the boat and the load it carries, was a reasonable purchase. It’s not a glamorous donation, like new textbooks or new uniforms, but it’s just as vital. Preserving our investments at each school we support is part of our commitment to the children of Nigeria.

The Light Nursery and Primary School Boat

The new motor is installed; the school boat awaits its passengers!


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