Successful Sock Drive

For the past two years, IBSF has facilitated a Sister School Project between the Light Nursery and Primary School in Ishahayi, Nigeria and the Broken Ground School in New Hampshire, USA.

The Broken Ground School Pen Pals (led by their teacher, Ms. Christina Moore) organized a school-wide sock drive for their friends in Nigeria. The students made fliers to post around the school to introduce their pen pals to the rest of the school community. In order to get their peers excited about the sock drive, the students made an announcement over the intercom every morning and promised an ice cream party to the class the contributed the most pairs of socks. Mrs. Neidhardt’s 3rd grade class won the ice cream party!

Together, the school collected more than 250 pairs of white athletic socks–enough for each student at the Light Nursery and Primary School to get a brand-new pair. The IBSF board delivered the socks during our October school visit. Thanks to all the students, teachers and parents at the Broken Ground School for being such good (global!) neighbors.

Pen Pals with New Socks

The Light Nursery and Primary School students were pleased to distribute the socks sent by their Broken Ground School pen pals.


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