A Musical Farewell

At our last trip to Ishahayi, we were able to bring Christmas to life for the students of the Light Nursery and Primary School. For all the excitement, the children and teachers at the school always remember to share their thanks for our presence and our donations. They recognize the contributions of each board member, and the children are becoming famous for their heartfelt goodbye songs!

Karen with a young student.

Karen picked up a student during her musical farewell!

Our December school visit was the last trip for Karen Sturgeon, who moved back to Texas with her husband Dennis this week. Karen, our Marketing Chair, helped the IBSF board “think big” when it came to our fundraisers.  Her experience with the Rockwall Women’s League and the National Charity League in Dallas was invaluable as we planned our inaugural Silent Auction and repeated the event this year. She stepped in as our Recording Secretary when needed and helped coordinate this year’s jumble sale–a truly Herculean effort!

Karen has said that her favorite project during her tenure with IBSF was the installation of a library at the Light Nursery and Primary School. Karen, while the IBSF board will miss your dedication, we’ll also mourn your sense of humor. IBSF meetings won’t be quite the same without you!


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