A Fresh Flag Waves

Things don’t last long in the hot sun and salty breeze at Ishahayi. Locks rust, paint fades and, as we noticed recently, the Nigerian flag flying outside the school had become pale and tattered. After all, the Light Nursery and Primary School is located just 200 meters from the sea.

Recently, the IBSF board brought a new Nigerian flag to the school. The flag is divided vertically into three equal parts. The outer bands are green, and they represent agriculture and the natural wealth of Nigeria. The middle band is white, and it represents unity and peace. A student named Taiwo Michael Akinkunmi designed the flag in 1958–just two years before Nigeria was granted officially independence from Great Britain. Mr. Akinkunmi is now 75, still living in Nigeria, and active on Facebook!

The new flag is a small touch–just a few Naira from us–and it’s nice to see the students and teachers show pride in their country.

A new Nigerian flag waves in the breeze at Ishahayi.

A new Nigerian flag waves in the breeze at Ishahayi.


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