Many, Many Coconuts to You!

In the month of April, IBSF has been participating in the GlobalGiving Foundation’s Open Challenge. Maybe you’ve seen the “Give Now” button on our homepage? This is the first time in the history of our Foundation that we’ve been able to accept donations online. We asked for your help raising at least $5,000 from 40 unique donors in 30 days–the threshold for becoming a partner organization on the GlobalGiving site. The Challenge concluded yesterday, and what can we say…except “WOW!” Your generosity has exceeded our wildest expectations.

The students and teachers at the Light Nursery and Primary School at Ishahayi never forget to show their appreciation when volunteers come to visit. We’ve been serenaded, had impromptu dance parties and seen tremendous displays of talent. In addition to sharing their talents, the students show their gratitude for the work being done by IBSF by sharing what they have. What they have is coconuts! We’re given big sacks of them when we visit, and we happily eat the sweet meat and remember that the work we are doing makes a difference.

A pile of coconuts that have been harvested at Ishahayi Beach.

A pile of coconuts that have been harvested at Ishahayi Beach.

To those who are able to visit our projects in Nigeria, coconuts have become a symbol of thanks. But Nigeria isn’t a popular stop for tourists. Most of our friends, family and supporters abroad will never get to see the work they funded in person. We hope that our updates and photos provide you with a sense of what is being accomplished at Ishahayi. To everyone who participated in our first online fundraising effort, we send many, many coconuts to you!


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