Big Check; Big Reveal!

Last Fall, IBSF discovered a need for a total renovation of the kitchen facilities at the Light School. The kitchen is used for food preparation for the staff and students living at the school. A dilapidated shelter does not provide adequate facilities for daily preparation of school lunches. Instead, a local villager prepares food for the students to purchase, and the teaching staff cooks their own meals over a small fire pit. We felt we could improve the lives of teachers and students if food could be prepared in a school kitchen that has adequate ventilation, a new weather- and rodent-resistant roof, and a clean space that lends itself to cooking lessons as part of the home economics curriculum.

With this dream in mind, the IBSF board applied for funding from the Oilman’s Charity Golf Tournament. In May, we found out that our grant was approved. Thanks to the generosity of the Oilman’s Charity Golf Tournament, we’ve been able to reconstruct kitchen facilities at the Light School. Today, you’ll see our big reveal! The before pictures show a small fire pit in a sand-floored hut. A single gas burner teeters dangerously close to palm-branch construction. What a dramatic difference this grant has made!


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