Unexpected Donation

IBSF is a tiny organization compared with another Lagos-based NGO, the International Women’s Organisation for Charity. More commonly known as Small World, for the huge charity event they host each year, the group was founded 19 years ago by a group of expatriate women who wanted to give back to their host country, Nigeria. They felt that by working together they would be able to raise more money for local Nigerian charities. In 1996, the annual Small World event was born. Starting as a small, indoor food fair with 300 guests, the event has grown to become an outdoor festival with over 3000 people attending. Recently, they began hosting a spin-off event just for children: Smaller World.

Since their inception, this charitable group has raised over N300 million, with donations made to over 150 Nigerian charities! After Smaller World was held in the spring, a volunteer approached IBSF to see what we were working on. The group prefers to spend funds on tangible products that benefit women and children–and infrastructure is at the top of their list. The remaining funds available from the Smaller World event were the perfect amount to build a covered walkway between the two classroom buildings at Ishahayi. Since Lagos sees only two seasons (the dry season and the rainy season), this isn’t a frivolity but a necessary way to keep kids dry and engaged in their studies when the rain pours down.

If you participated in Smaller World 2014 and made this generous donation possible, thank you!

The new covered walkway at Ishahayi.

The International Women’s Organisation for Charity funded the construction of a covered walkway between the two classroom buildings. Here, Board Members review the construction!


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