Many, Many Coconuts to You!

We are overwhelmed with the turnout that we had at our Fourth Annual Silent Auction!  More than 200 people came out to help support our cause for the children of Ishahayi and Ife Oluwa. Thanks to all of the participants and sponsors, we had our most profitable auction thus far! This year’s auction was postponed due to the Ebola scare, but this did not deter our gracious auction donors and high bidders!  Our appreciation for their contributions is profound.  Our event would not have been possible without the help of our amazing sponsors.  Thank you, Lagos Wine Club and Orlean Invest for your continued support and generosity!

Your donations are continuing to greatly impact and bless the lives of the children of Ishahayi and Ife Oluwa. Many coconuts to you for your continued support and influence in their lives! You help put smiles on their faces each day!



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