Big Presents and Big Smiles!

Yesterday at the beach school it was all smiles as we gifted Lady Salami, the headmistress of the Beach School, with a beautiful new cooking pot to help fill the tummies of the students at Ishahayi! Her gratitude radiated from her smile as she accepted the big surprise along with other provisions of cooking oil, rice, beans, and spices that we brought to her! She also informed us of her knew vision of having a chicken coop in order to provide a nutritiously balanced diet for her adorable students.  We were thrilled to hear of all of the independent progress being made in order to keep those tummies full and minds focused!

The students were also wearing big smiles as they darted out of their classrooms for lunch and recess.  They sure do love playing and listening to our volunteers read to them while they eat! From the laughter and singing that filled the air to the happiness that radiated from their smiles, it was a beautiful visit!

Thank you to all of our volunteers and those who continue to support our mission!





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