Santa Claus Came to Town!

Santa’s elves came early to the Ishahayi Beach School yesterday! The elves were busy passing out lots of goodies and dictionaries to the students.  Santa’s workshop was busy this past year, as each student received a new dictionary yesterday! Holiday cheer danced and twirled all around as the children joyfully performed a variety of Christmas songs and dances.  The students were grinning from ear to ear with excitement as they sang and danced! With bold gratitude, the children performed a song thanking IBSF and all of our many donors and volunteers for the continued support of their school.  Their choreographed dances and Christmas songs put everyone into the blissful spirit of Christmas.    

 It was memorable for all of us who were a part of the festive day to experience the sheer gratitude and humbleness that each student embodied while receiving a dictionary. Watching a child smile with tears in their eyes when gifted with a simple dictionary was one of the most humbling and memorable moments imaginable. It was truly a joy to see how thankful the children were for the continued support of their education.

Your compassion for these amazing kids is doing wonders in their lives.

A very Merry Christmas from IBSF!




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