Education is the Key

In Nigeria, in order to advance to Senior Secondary School, or the United States’ equivalent of high school, one must pass an exam called the WAEC. The WAEC is necessary for all students in Junior Secondary School 3 (JSS3), or the United States’ equivalent of 8th grade, if one wishes to advance to the next level of education. Due to logistical and monetary complications that arose about a month ago, we didn’t know if our hardworking JSS3 kids were going to be able to take the WAEC or not. We are too proud of our kids to have them stop now, thus The Board decided to sponsor our 10 current JSS3 kids for the costs they will need to take the exam! We are eager to see them succeed and to take their educational achievements to the next level! The test will be held in June and will last for 2 weeks. We know our kids have what it takes to conquer the WAEC!


We continue to believe that their education is the key to getting them out of an impoverished life. Thus, we feel passionately about helping them reach new milestones of education. Our hearts are always touched when we see how excited the kids at The Beach School are to learn and excel in their educational journey. We feel privileged to help them.


Another current project at the school is the “school boat” that will be finished this week! We are eager to share pictures and the story behind the boat next month when we deliver it to the school.


Though we continue to bring food each month in order to help keep the minds of the students focused on learning, we also continue to be happy about the efforts that Lady Salami is making towards food self-sustainability. Her efforts to raise chickens and local crops at the school continue to prosper and we are excited about the progress that she is making! Her determination to make the school a better place is inspiring.


Our goals this year continue to be:

  • Deliver the school boat so that kids who live across the creek from the school can arrive safely
  • Help support Lady Salami in her efforts to achieve food self-sustainability by bringing food out each month while she strives to reach her goal
  • Maintain the generators in order to keep lights on in the classrooms and computers on for learning
  • Provide water well covers in order to insure the safety of the students


On behalf of The IBSF Board, we thank you so much for your support!


Some board members giving Lady Salami money for WAEC testing!

image1 (1)


The JSS3 students.image2 (1)


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