Anchored in Education

What an exciting day it was when we made our last visit out to The Beach School! The new school boat was delivered a couple of days before our arrival and the excitement was continuing to fill the air at the school when we arrived! There weren’t just smiles and laughter; there was singing and dancing in great thanks to the project being completed.

The Beach School is located on Ishahayi Beach; however, there are some 40 students that have to go back and forth across the creek in order to attend classes at the school each day. The previous school boat that had been in use for years was retired last year due to complications with the motor and other issues that were arising because of its age. It had become more of a hindrance than a safe way for the kids to reach their classrooms in the morning and return home in the afternoons. Lady Salami has a great task on her hands by ensuring that the kids that need to traverse the creek daily get safely to and from school on the boat and in time for classes to start every morning! Thus, we were very ecstatic when the new school boat was delivered! The boat helps the school to become more accessible and therefore allows education to flourish easier within this area of Lagos.

Lady Salami, the teachers, and the students were grinning from ear to ear as they sang songs of thanks and appreciation for IBSF with the gift of the new school boat. The joy and gratitude that filled the air reminded all of us that the desire for these kids to receive an education is as important for them as it is for us to help them achieve their goals. There is nothing more inspirational than that.



The new boat!


Excited to get to school!


LadySalami ThankYou April2016 001

Lady Salami’s thank you note to IBSF.


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