Dreams Can Come True

It was an exciting summer for three of our JSS3 students who graduated from The Light School! In March, IBSF made the decision to sponsor all 10 of the JSS3 students to take the WAEC exam in June. The WAEC exam is the test given to all JSS3 students upon completion of Junior Secondary School. In order to advance their educational journey to SS1, Senior Secondary School, the students must pass the exam.

After the test was taken in June, IBSF conducted interviews of each of the 10 JSS3 students and analyzed grades in order to determine which students IBSF would sponsor to continue their educational journey through SS1. Three students were chosen, and we are so proud of them! Gabriel, Margaret, and Tosin will be starting SS1 for three years at the end of this month! They will be completely funded by IBSF, with much appreciation due to our grant from Chapelwood United Methodist Church of Houston, Texas. The three students will attend a private senior secondary boarding school, Mercy Spring Private School on Badagary Expressway, where they will be able to strive towards their dreams. Gabriel dreams of becoming a pilot because he said that he, “Wants to see the world.” Margaret desires to become a doctor because she told us that she, “Wants to save lives,” while Tosin told us that he strives to become an engineer so that he can, “Bring light to the village and give back to those that have helped him.” For these students, this scholarship is the difference between accomplishing their dreams and not having the resources in order to accomplish them. We know this scholarship will be the key in helping their dreams thrive.

Their scholarship award was presented to them in early August, and it was an overwhelming joy to have them and their parents hear the news at the same time. We are so thankful to be able to sponsor these three passionate and determined students. We are extremely proud of each student, and we can’t wait to see how his or her future unfolds!

We thank you so much for your support in helping the students of The Light School. Education is the doorway to a better future for each of them.


Tosin, Margaret, and Gabriel smiling with their parents and Megan.


The three students who received scholarships! Tosin, Margaret and Gabriel



One thought on “Dreams Can Come True

  1. That is wonderful news!! Great job IBSF for working so hard to give these precious children a chance to pursue their dreams with hope for a brighter future! I will pray for their success and that they will be able to make a positive impact on the lives of others! Yay IBSF and thanks to Chapelwood!! Pam ❤️

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