Our Year in Review 2016-2017

Summer is almost here and there is a lot to be thankful for as the school year comes to a close! The past 12 months at The Light School was full of exciting projects. The year kicked off with the completion of the new boat so they can now effectively transport students from the neighboring islands. It was a great success and an important moment for these delightful little ones! We had a sturdy new swing set built for the playground, two well covers for safety, and a large library shelf for all their books.

See below for a complete overview of all our accomplishments this year! We couldn’t have done it without our generous supporters!

o   Completed construction of a new boat to transport students to The Light School from neighboring islands.

o   Purchased new, sturdier, swing set for the playground.

o   Purchased new well covers for safety purposes.

o   Purchased a new library shelf to house all the amazing books!

o   Completed repairs to water damaged roof at The Light School.

o   Completed repairs to water damaged roof at Ife Oluwa in Lekki.

o   Launched two new Sustainability Initiatives, including the Sewing Project and the Gardening Project.

o   Purchased 5 new sewing machines, fabric, thread, scissors, zippers, and needles for the new Sewing Class.

o   Purchased two new flowerbeds and supplied soil and seeds for the new Gardening Class.

o   IBSF hosted 2 cooking classes at the Light School to teach the students easy-to-make recipes utilizing the local herbs and produce.

o   Launched the IBSF Scholarship Program for graduating JSS3 students to continue on to Secondary School.

o   Sponsored all the 2016 & 2017 JSS3 students to register for the government required WAEC Exam.

o   Funded all uniforms required to take the WAEC Exam.

o   Hosted a graduation ceremony for the JSS3 graduates and their families where they were presented with certificates of completion, food, and drinks.

o   Partnered with Mercy Springs Senior Secondary School outside Badagry.

o   Awarded full scholarships to three JSS3 students with the best performance to Mercy Springs.

o   Hosted the hugely successful Annual IBSF Silent Auction!

o   Delivered Christmas gifts to students and teachers.

o   Redesigned the IBSF logo.

o   Paid teacher salaries for 1 school year.

o   Paid for 20kg beans every month for 1 school year.

o   Paid for generator fuel for 1 school year.

o   Enjoyed many fun-filled trips to The Light School!!



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