Sustainability Projects at IBSF

In recent times, there has been a focus on the empowerment and self-sustainability phase of Ishahayi Beach School Foundation  (IBSF).  We have done that through The Sewing Project in order to teach a valuable life skill which also helps to reenforce the skill for exit exam test of students from JS3.

In addition, we moved towards empowerment and self-sustainability for the school through The Gardening Project to ensure the students also have the life skill of gardening and providing food for themselves.  This would also help the school have   a means of feeding the children lunch without needing the support of the foundation.

The above named projects were started in order to empower these students of the Light School to have a life skill and fall back plan in case they are not able to continue school past The Light School.  This is also beneficial for The Light School from a self-sustainability standpoint.  Both of these life skills are particularly empowering to primarily the students but also for the school in a culture that both are surrounded by.


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