The students are wrapping up another successful school year at the Shining Light School. This year, like the years in the past, has proven to be another busy year. We have focused this school year on “Classroom Impact” to enable us to retain focus on the classroom amidst all of our other projects at the Shining Light School and Ife Oluwa. We have provided classroom supplies such as white boards, markers, erasers, crayons, coloring pencils, and backpacks to each classroom at the Shining Light School and Ife Oluwa. We have also been able to provide educational learning toys for our younger students to make learning fun!

Thank you to each and everyone of our volunteers and generous donors! A complete listing of successes below:

  • Enjoyed ten (10) trips to the Shining Light School with our volunteers to assess, teach, clean, and play.
  • Provided uniforms for every student
  • Repaired roof and bathroom facilities
  • Purchased student tables & chairs for library
  • Made repairs to boat jetty to ensure safe arrival of our students by boat
  • Completed repairs to water damaged desks & chairs at Ife Oluwa due to flood
  • Delivered books to replace those destroyed in July flooding at Ife Oluwa
  • Completed repairs to teacher quarters
  • Completed repairs to stove and generator
  • Completed repairs to bookshelves and roof
  • Partnered with local vendor for unlimited service of boat engine free of charge, which will ensure children can get to school from neighboring villages.
  • Officially changed name from The Light School to Shining Light School
  • Found a sponsor for 50 donated soccer balls and delivered them to very happy students & teachers
  • Continued scholarship for 3 students and Mercy Springs in SS2
  • Provided funding for 4 students (post JSS3) to attend local technical school
  • Hosted a successful 7th Annual IBSF Silent Auction
  • Completed repairs to boat engine used on boat to transport some students to school
  • Delivered Christmas gifts to staff and students at Shining Light School & Ife Oluwa
  • Paid teacher salaries for 1 school year
  • Paid for 20kg beans & 20 kg rice for lunch program monthly for 1 school year
  • Paid cooking gas for 1 school year
  • Paid generator fuel for 1 school year
  • Provided water dispensers for more sanitary drink stations.


Nicole Galinsky, IBSF Chairperson


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