New Year and Gratitude

Dear Friends and Supporters of IBSF,

We are excited to welcome the New year 2019 with so much hope and also gratitude for all the support we have received so far. We would like to thank all our supporters for their time and donations made to the Ishahayi Beach School Foundation. The IBSF started in 2005 with 20 students in a thatched roof hut, and with your support, has  grown to a school with almost 200 students.

The 8th Annual Silent Auction was held in November 2018 and it was a huge success. It was a fun night with lots of enthusiastic bidders. The sponsors and contributors enabled us to generate funds which would go towards sponsoring students for their education, payment of teachers salaries as well as ensuring all students get a free meal daily. In addition, IBSF will be able to continue maintenance of school facilities and buildings and well as provide daily transportation for students from their homes to school and back.

The IBSF Board is very grateful for all who attended and participated in the auction.

The support our donors provide to us allows us to keep this foundation active and together we are able to make a difference in the lives of the children of the Ishahayi Beach area of Nigeria.

The IBSF Board, the teachers, and the students at the Light School greatly appreciate your support. Your contributions will assist the IBSF to provide funds for the education of the children, provision of daily meals and the upkeep of the buildings.

If you were unable to attend the Silent Auction and are interested in supporting the IBSF by making a donation, please visit the link below:

We look forward to a wonderful year ahead and thank you again for all your support.

Our Sincere Thanks,

Tanwa Taiwo,Marketing Director


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