End of Year Party / Launch of IBSF BookClub

End of Year Parties are always a sweet celebratory send-off to the summer and gives kids an opportunity to have a great party and make more wonderful memories with their friends.

The kids always look forward to the end of year party and this party wasn’t any different.

There were lots of volunteers who attended the end of year party including professional musicians & photographers in attendance. Children got the chance to practise with the musical instruments and some also showed off their musical talents. The students were able to sing and dance. In addition, students played a lot of games including egg race, football, 100M races and much more.

The students got to spend significant time outside playing as well lots of refreshments were provided to all the students and teachers.

In addition, a book club was launched with the students to encourage the students to read more. The goal is to expand the reading material beyond the required classroom material. Students will be exposed to life outside the classroom, life outside Nigeria and life outside their immediate surrounding. Books were given to the students in junior high school will the goal of expanding the book club to the whole by the end of 2019/202  school year.

Books have always been regraded as a way to improve children’s vocabulary and to develop imagination and empathy. We strongly believe that with the bookclub, students will create lifetime connections for these kids and as well stimulate them intellectually.

We wish all our students a wonderful summer and look forward to welcoming them in September 2019.


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