2019 School Year Summary And Christmas Party School Bag Drive

We welcomed our kids back to school in September after a long summer holiday.
During the summer break, IBSF was hard at work preparing towards the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. A new staff quarters was required to create more space for our teachers and staff that reside on school grounds. We embarked on the project to build an additional staff residential building and were able to complete it during the summer holidays.

During this school term, we created the STEM Impact Project and will be making it an integral part of our curriculum. In recent times, STEM has become popular all over the world and implementing it in the Shinning Light school will expose our students to the power of innovation and technology. We believe STEM will foster creativity and help generate innovations.

As well, students will have the opportunity to experiment and take risks when practising with the new technology. In addition, the practical learning will foster team work as students work together to find solutions to problems. Our hope is that our students will be empowered and prepared to embrace new technology when they come across it instead of being afraid. This experience will also help the Shinning Light School students remain competitive with other students in the country and across the globe.

We have purchased materials to kick start STEM with the kids from an early age to our older kids in high school. Students will receive modern classroom supplies/materials, including interactive learning tools, technology resource training, and the curriculum needed for critical thinking. The IBSF is confident the teachers and students of the Shining Light School will gain renewed energy in the classroom thanks to this ambitious project!

As the first term comes to an end, our students are looking forward to the upcoming Christmas party coming up in December 2019. The party is always a day filled with lots of music, refreshments, games, as well as gift items for the kids to take home for the holidays. This year, we plan to provide a new school bag to each child. We currently have 182 kids at the school. Your generations donations to the Shinning Light School has always helped us to achieve our goals of providing free education and a free meal a day to all our kids.

We will appreciate any donation either cash, or actual school bags towards the christmas party. Your generosity towards the school and the students always go a long way in accomplishing all our goals.

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All your support and encouragement makes these projects possible and we couldn’t do this without you.



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