A Backpack For Every Child : A Dream come true….

You made it happen!!! …A Bag for Every Child….

It was all a dream, one we didn’t think was possible.  In our thoughts, we desired to have each student receive a brand new school bag with stationeries for the year 2020. We imagined that this would bring such joy and smiles to the faces of our students .

We took a leap of faith by expressing our desire to the general public & friends of the foundation and soliciting your donations towards making it a reality. The response was astounding. We received generous donations on a daily basis and donations poured in from near and far.

And because of all the generous donations we received, our dream has become reality. We have been able to provide all 183 students at the Shinning Light School with a brand new bag filled with stationeries for the year 2020. This was provided to all our students during our Annual End of Year Event which took place on the 11th December, 2019.

All our kids received a backpack filled with stationeries, as well as snacks and refreshments. We had live music and sang Christmas Carols with the kids. There were lots of games, music and lots of food to go around. We also had lots of pictures taken showing our students with their new school bags as well with them having a great time at the party.

Thank you so much to everyone for helping us achieve our goal. Attached are some of the pictures showing our kids with their new bags.. You sure have given all these kids something to be very happy about…
Thank You All…

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