School Resumption for Select Students Amid Covid19

Covid19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the school year as schools have been closed since March 2020. We have also been unable to visit the school & village due to movement restrictions and also because we wanted to wait till the end of the pandemic to reduce the chances of people coming from the cities and spreading the virus to the village where our school is situated.

The government  granted permission for students in certain classes (Year 9 and Year 12) to return to school in August 2020 in preparation for their final exams which was reschuedled for September 2020.

The Year 9 students write an exam to proceed to High School and the Year 12 students write an exam to graduate High School. Due to the fact that many students were not able to attend online learning, the resumption in August 2020 enabled students to prepare for their exams with their teachers in a face to face enviroment.

We had to put in place a daily sanitization plan to keep classes clean at all times. All students are required to have a mask on and maintain social distancing while at school. All students and staff members are required to frequently wash their hands and we had water stations and soap at multiple stations to make this accessible.This is to ensure that we keep our students and teachers safe. This process put in place has worked so far and we have not had any report of Covid19 in our school. 

Our Year 9 & Year 12 students have now completed their exams and the government has recently announced that other students in other classes can now start attending classes in school. This is done with reduced school attendance with each group of students coming only 2-3days on a weekly basis. We will continue to do all we can to ensure we keep everyone safe while at school. 

We hope you are all staying safe here in Nigeria & all across the world and we continue to pray for the end of the pandemic. We are also are sending a huge THANK YOU! All your support and encouragement makes these projects possible and we couldn’t do this without you.

Thank You!


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