Solar Power now Powers the Light School

With the help of our sponsors, the Ishahayi Beach School Foundation has been able to instal solar power to Power our classrooms and hostels serving 200 students in rural Nigeria. The village at Ishahayi has no mains electricity, and this project will bring lights, fans, desks and supplies to the classrooms and newly built hostels.

Fans allow children to learn during the very hot dry season and lights illuminate textbooks during the cloudy rainy season. We also have a generator at the school but the use is now restricted to for pumping the well that brings water for drinking and sanitation. With our solar power, our dependency on generator will be greatly reduced and we now have a cleaner source of energy which means there is less release of harmful gases into the environment.

We want to use this opportunity to thank all our sponsors for all their support and for making this installation of the solar power possible at the light school. This constant and stable power source will enable us to provide electricity at the school 24hours of the day with less pollution which in turn improves the ease of getting an education in a conducive environment. The quality of lives of all our students and teachers has also been dramatically improved. This couldn’t have been possible without your support and donations. Thank you.


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