Summer Program 2021

The regular school year resumed in September 2020 and ended April of 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic that has been on since 2020 and the impact it had on education; schools had to consider options.  Globally, many schools were closed for months meaning students were unable to attend school in person and for many, they had to consider and opt for virtual learning.

For us at Shinning Light School; the option of online learning was challenging as many students do not have access to internet at home and in many cases, they do not have computers or labtops to use. This is part of the reason why we plan to have a campaign to request donations for Used computers and labtops. With this, students can borrow labtops or computers from the computer lab for use at home. It will be run in a similar fashion as a library when students loan out books.

To further help the students catch up with any of the curriculum and learning for the year that were unmet; we also had a summer school program and encouraged all our students to attend. Our teachers also included improvement of skills for the students and had activities to encourage and build; Confidence, Team work and leadership skills as well as character building. 

The reviews of the summer program was excellent and our teachers and students all gave great reviews of the additional time spent at school over the summer months. They were really happy for the opportunity and the additional learning from the summer session.

We at IBSF would like to thank all our sponsors for your continued support in making this summer program a reality.

Thank You. 


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