Student Graduation & End of Year Celebration

Happy Newyear Everyone

Hope you all had a lovely holiday celebration. 

Our students and teachers sure did have a great holiday and have just resumed this new school term. Many of the students came back with stories of how they spent their end of year celebration and how they welcomed in the new year 2022. The school has been buzzing with so much excitement and it is so great to have everyone back.

Before we closed for the end of the year in 2021; we had a graduation ceremony for some of our students who had completed their secondary school learning and were now moving on to expore higher learning. It was also an oportunity to have an end of year party for all students to enable everyone to partake in the celebration.  Our graduates were able to attend the ceremony along with their parents. Many of the graduates also gave speeches about how coming to the Shinning Light School has made a positive impact in their lives and helped to prepare them for the future endevaours. 

Attached are some of the photos from the event. 

We want to use this opportunity to thank all our sponsors who support us to make it possible to provide free education to all our students along with a daily free meal. We also thank you for making it possible to pay all our educators. Your support and funding goes a really long way in making dreams possible for all our students and helping to create a bright future for the students and their families. 

We thank you for all your continued support. We wish you all a wonderful year ahead. 

Thank you!

Some of our graduating students 2021

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