Our foundation operates with the help of many dedicated volunteers and is organized by the following board members:

Patricia Shu – Chairlady
Patricia arrived in Lagos in August 2015 with her husband. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and professional experience in marketing. Patricia has volunteered with HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles) where she taught after school art classes to Kindergarten and First Grade students. She was also a volunteer with the Junior League of Los Angeles where she organized recruitment and fundraising events. Patricia is excited to see the students at IBSF grow as leaders and make an impact in their community and Nigeria!

Nicole Galinsky – Treasurer
Nicole arrived for her 2nd tour of Lagos in early 2017.  At that time, she was happy to resume her prior role at IBSF.  She has her Masters Degree in Economics and 18 years experience in Accounting/Finance.  She is excited to support IBSF and help provide education and long-term opportunities to the children of Ishahayi Beach School.

Bonnie Pellicano – Secretary
Bonnie moved to Lagos in August 2013. She has worked as an Elementary School Principal, and was an Assistant Principal for several years. As an educational leader, she is passionate about supporting students globally and looks forward to helping the Foundation educate Nigerian children.

Puspa Ramloo – Marketing Director
Puspa moved to Lagos in November 2013. By profession, she is a Veterinarian. While living in Nigeria she enjoys the freedom to practice veterinary medicine based on her own schedule. Puspa has always been fascinated about Africa and its people, helping out and getting involved in charity and social service has been her passion. She strongly believes in giving back to the universe, so, working with IBSF has been a great opportunity and a pleasure.

MJ Hafeiz – Facilities Director

Michelle Ricotta – Special Projects Director
Michelle has an undergraduate degree in Accounting and was a CPA before moving overseas in 1997.  She is passionate about education and helping others less fortunate.  She arrived in Lagos in January 2016 with her husband and joined the board soon after.

Jos van den Berg – Community Liaison
Jos arrived in Lagos in July 2016. Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where she studied to be a teacher until she got married. Jos lived in several countries in Europe and the Middle East and was always busy as a volunteer in various community projects. Her heart is with children in need and she is convinced that education is the key to a succesful life. She is very proud being able to work with the ISBF and hopes these kids will be able to contribute to their country in the future.

Jennifer Engels – Community Liaison