Sustainability Projects

IBSF Sustainability Program

Due to the current state of the economy, the importance of self-sustainability for The Light School has never been more imperative. In 2016 IBSF created two key projects that will play fundamental roles in sustaining The Light School’s future – The Sewing Project and The Gardening Project.

The first project, The Sewing Project, focuses on sewing and the importance of this life skill within education and the local culture. The second project, The Gardening Project, focuses on utilizing the local land while learning about local and regional agriculture. The school uses the crops on their farm to provide food for each student, with extra crop yields being sold for a profit.
Sewing ability and agricultural knowledge are tested subjects on the WAEC exam, which the children must pass to enter secondary school. We are very grateful for the support of last year’s donors, which enabled us to move these projects forward. Currently the board is actively researching new sustainability initiatives for the school.

If you are interested in donating to the IBSF Sustainability Program, please click here to donate online. Thank you!