Gardening Project

The IBSF Gardening Project

The purpose of this project is to empower students of The Light School in the small fishing village of Ishahayi Beach to achieve an education and escape poverty. The Gardening Project will further the education of the students by teaching them a culturally valuable trade. The JSS1-3 (equivalent to 6th – 8th grade) class curriculum will include the basics of earth cycles, components of soil, soil profiles, composting, and they will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty building a real life garden full of local vegetables, fruit, and herbs.


Obstacles to Overcome:

  • Nigeria is experiencing an economic downturn, as a result jobs are limited and there is a lot of competition among recent Senior Secondary School graduates.
  • Due to lack of funding by the student’s families and the impoverished community, not every child is able to bring a school lunch to eat, and The Light School can’t afford to provide daily meals.


Solutions to these Obstacles:

  • Teach the students about agricultural basics and how to build and maintain a garden so they can seek employment after graduation.
  • Utilize the produce for school lunches and teach the students and staff recipes with locally grown vegetables, fruit and herbs.
  • Work with the teaching staff and the administrative staff to create distribution plans to sell overflow produce in the local community. By utilizing profit-of-sales they can ensure a sustainable, safe, healthy, and educationally sound environment for the students.


Measurements for Success:

  • IBSF Board of Directors will visit the class once per month and sit in on the lesson.
  • We will work with The Light School staff to create a seasonal calendar and checklists for the students to monitor the various growth stages.
  • The students will complete an exam at year-end to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter.


The IBSF Board of Directors will work with the administrative staff to outline the curriculum, explore partnerships with organizations and individuals in the community, and work closely with a local contractor to procure all necessary tools and supplies in order to design a beautiful and highly functional garden.


If you are interested in donating to the Gardening Project, please click here to donate online. Thank you for all your support!