Sewing Project

IBSF Sewing Project

The purpose of this project is to prepare the students of The Light School for a future job in tailoring, textiles or fashion design. This valuable skill will enrich their future and provide opportunities otherwise not available. Sewing basics are also a requirement for the WAEC exam taken by all JSS3 students (8th grade equivalent) to continue on to Senior Secondary School.


Obstacles to Overcome:

  • Due to lack of funding, The Light School has historically been unable to offer classes that focus on a trade such as Sewing.
  • Nigeria is currently experiencing an economic downturn and competition for jobs is tougher than ever for recent graduates.
  • JSS3 Students are required to know how to sew for the WAEC exam.


Solutions to these Obstacles:

  • Teach the JSS3 students the basics of sewing so they can earn a living and escape poverty after graduating from The Light School.
  • Prepare the students for the WAEC exam so they can continue their education and apply to Senior Secondary School.
  • The Light School administrative staff and IBSF will cultivate relationships with local community partners in related industries with the intention of lining up future job referrals.


Measurements for Success:

  • IBSF Board of Directors will visit the class once per month and sit in on the lesson.
  • We will work with The Light School staff to create a sewing curriculum and milestones for the students to follow.
  • The students will complete an exam at year-end to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter.


The IBSF Board of Directors will work with The Light School administrative staff to procure sewing machines, local Nigerian material, storage and supplies. We will also hire a local tailor to provide training and to support the new sewing teacher. We are excited to see all the creative and inventive projects the kids come up with, it’s a great opportunity for them to express themselves as well as learn a new skill!


If you are interested in donating to the Sewing Project, please click here to donate online. Thank you for all your support!