Sewing Project

IBSF has created two key projects that will play fundamental roles in helping The Light School become more self-sustainable in the future – The Sewing Project and Agriculture Project.

The Sewing Project, will focus on sewing and the importance of this life skill within education and the local culture. The Junior Secondary School Class 3 (JSS3) students, who take the West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam in order to continue their educational journey into Senior Secondary School Class 1 (SS1), must know this skill for the exam.

In teaching the JSS3 students how to correctly sew and create items they can sell for profit, The Sewing Project will help to promote educational progress and generate a profit that can be utilized by The Light School. This project will also enforce the significance of a life skill in a culture where skilled labor is prominent and fees for continued education are not always available.

The project will begin in October 2016 with the start of a Sewing Camp. The board has hired a local tailor to master the concept of a duffel bag which is rare to find here in Lagos. The tailor will then make trips out to the school to teach the students how to correctly sew the duffel bags with local Nigerian fabric.